Technology Safety

Trust your instincts: If you suspect an abusive person knows too much, it is possible that your phone, computer, email or other activities are being monitored.

Use a safer computer: If anyone abusive has access to your computer, he/she might be monitoring your computer activities. It may be safest to use a computer at a public library, community center, or Internet café.

Create a new email account: If you suspect that anyone abusive can access your email, consider creating an additional email account on a safer computer. Do not create or check this new email from a computer your abuser could access, in case it is monitored.

Change passwords and PIN numbers: Some abusers use victim’s email and other accounts to impersonate and cause harm. If anyone abusive knows or may guess your passwords, change them quickly and frequently.

Take precautions if you have a “techie” abuser: If computers and technology are a profession or a hobby for the abuser/stalker, trust your instincts. If you think he/she may be monitoring or tracking you, talk to a hotline advocate or the police.