Help Asian Family Support Services of Austin, or AFSSA (formerly Saheli) assist Asian victims of abuse and domestic violence by expanding its services to more clients in the Austin community.

AFSSA is currently accepting applications for various volunteer positions. AFSSA is especially looking for male volunteers to assist as Community Speakers and Boothing Assistants. A description of various volunteer positions and specific training required is below.

Please click here for the Volunteer Training Calendar

If interested please send your application to Rajani at rramachandran@afssaustin.org. If you have any question you may also contact Rajani at 512-358-6318 ext. 201. The volunteer application can be found at the bottom of the page.

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AFSSA is seeking volunteers for several upcoming community events. Click here for more details.



All volunteers must consent to a background check.

Our current volunteer opportunities generally fall into one of the following categories:


  • Advocate. Helping and empowering Asian victims and survivors of domestic abuse is a key aspect at AFSSA. Advocates help us reach this part of our mission by providing peer counseling, crisis intervention and overall support to survivors. In addition, Advocates also provide victims and survivors with legal resources on issues of domestic violence, family law and/or immigration. Basic responsibilities include screening for client intakes, giving referrals, providing ongoing case management and safety planning. Depending on comfort level and experience, advocates may take on additional responsibilities such as linking clients to the necessary resources and assist with accompaniment to court, attorney’s offices and other legal agencies. Tutoring clients, assisting with job readiness training, co-facilitating support groups are all part of possible volunteer activities. All Advocates will be under the guidance and work closely with the staff Family Advocate.
  • Helpline/Resource Line Volunteer. The AFSSA helpline is a 24-hour service. It is live from 8a.m. to 5p.m. Monday – Friday. At other times clients can leave a message in any Asian language, and a hotline volunteer will call them back. AFSSA hotline volunteers monitor the helpline in the evenings and on weekends. They offer immediate and confidential crisis intervention, information, referrals, and problem-solving assistance to the caller. Many of the callers include victims of domestic violence, their friends and family, the general public, and social service providers. Messages are checked from home and this position offers flexible hours including nights and weekends.


Limited English proficiency is a major barrier faced by Asian victims and survivors of domestic violence. Interpreters and Translators help increase client access to services by assisting in translations and providing interpretive services when clients are working with AFSSA staff, doctors, lawyers, schools and other service providers. Daytime availability is preferred, but not required. It is also an option to do interpreting over the phone.

This position is ideal for those fluent in both English and any Asian language.


  • Community Speaker. Increasing community awareness of various forms of violence and oppression is a key aspect of our mission at AFSSA. Community Speakers provide information on a variety of topics including special issues in Asian populations, why there is a need for AFSSA services, and various immigration topics.
    This position is ideal for those with good communication and presentation skills.
  • Booth Supervisor. Creating a presence within the community is an important part of community outreach. In order to generate awareness, AFSSA attends numerous events throughout the year including resource fairs and cultural festivals. Booth Supervisors provide information to the public on the dynamics of domestic violence in the Asian Community and AFSSA services by assisting with informational booths at these events. This position is ideal for those who enjoy socializing and have good communication skills.
  • Community Ambassador Program. We would like others in the Asian community to become aware that domestic violence is a community problem that requires a community-based response. We currently are starting to work with community stakeholders to organize an outreach and education campaign, designed to move the community toward a strategic response to domestic violence.  To better understand the perceptions of Asian and Asian Americans in the Austin area, we would like volunteers to educate us about their communities.


  • Graphic Designer. Each year AFSSA reaches thousands of people in the community. Graphic Designers help make this possible by creating brochures, flyers/postcards, posters, and advertisements for various AFSSA events. Other opportunities include layout design for the AFSSA Newsletter.
    This position is ideal for creative thinkers who have knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and/or Illustrator.
  • Web Developer. This position is ideal for those interested in and have experience with web design, development, and maintenance. You will ensure material is updated and edited on AFSSA's website. This is a great chance to get experienced with Drupal CMS, one of the leading web development tools.
  • Photographer. AFSSA is always in need of photographers to help us document our community outreach efforts, fundraising events, and even other volunteers. Build your portfolio while helping us document our work.
  • Virtual Volunteer. Help us increase and improve our presence in Social Media. We are in constant need of articles, videos, images, quotations and poetry that relates to domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and some feminist and sociopolitical issues that face Asian Americans. Once these are shared on our Facebook and Twitter, we need help from volunteers in sharing the material with various communities. We ask our virtual volunteers only to interact with content they find sincerely interesting or worthwhile, and to help us lead by example in creating meaningful conversation and change.
    This position is ideal for a busy, connected person who wants to help increase awareness in an easy way.


  • Fundraising Planning Committee. Join this committee if you’re interested in taking a leadership role in planning, researching and spearheading fundraising projects. Fundraising projects include annual campaigns, events and community collaborations. Each member may select a project that he/she is interested in and see the project through with assistance from staff and other volunteers. This position is ideal for anyone interested in project planning, fund development and/or event planning.
  • Events Committee. Every year, AFSSA puts together fundraising and community education events. For those who have a knack for event planning, this may the perfect position. Events include the Silk Road Fundraiser, Thousand Cranes for Peace fundraiser and many others. Responsibilities include logistical planning, marketing, implementation and/or helping out on event day.
    This position is ideal for anyone who is interested in working in a team environment, utilizing their creativity and just having good old-fashioned fun.


  • Clerical/Database Volunteer. Clerical Volunteers assist with various administrative projects such as copying, mailing, filing, and updating our E-Tapestry database. This position is ideal for an organized person who wants to learn more about the inner workings of how to run a non-profit.


AFSSA accepts semester or year-long interns. For more information on this, please contact us and let us know your particular interests and we will see if that matches our needs at that time.


Day-of Event Volunteers assist with various events throughout the year and will help the day of the event with set up and assisting us as needed, and then also before and after the event as needed.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, at (512) 358-6318 or at volunteer@afssaustin.org for more information.

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