Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteers must consent to a background check.

Our current volunteer opportunities generally fall into one of the following categories:


  • Advocate. In order to work with clients, you will have to go through a 40 hr training, typically with SafePlace, in addition to our volunteer orientation and an interview process with our Family Advocate. As an advocate, you will help by providing peer counseling, crisis intervention, and overall support to survivors. All advocates will be under the guidance of and work closely with the Family Advocate and will need to attend monthly meetings. The following is what we look for in an advocate: excellent listening skills, counseling experience, the ability to dedicate at least a year to Asian Family Support Services of Austin, or AFSSA (formerly Saheli).
  • Helpline/Resource Line Volunteer. The AFSSA helpline is a 24 hour voicemail service. Clients can leave a message in any Asian language and a helpline volunteer will call them back. These volunteers offer immediate and confidential crisis intervention, information, referrals, and problem-solving assistance to the caller. You will be required to attend our general volunteer orientation in addition to a General Direct Services Training and Helpline Training.


One of the biggest barriers our clients face is not being able to understand the English language. Interpreters and translators help increase client access to services by assisting in translations and providing interpretive services when clients are working with AFSSA staff, doctors, lawyers, schools, and other service providers. Daytime availability is preferred but not required, and this position is ideal for those fluent in English and any Asian language. You are required to attend our general orientation as well as the 24 hour Interpreter Training provided by AFSSA, a General Direct Services Training, and at your option a general Community Education training.


  • Community Speaker. Community Speakers provide information on a variety of topics including special issues relating to the Asian population, why there is a need for AFSSA services, and various cultural competency related topics. You are required to attend our general orientation, a General Community Education training, and interview with the Community Educator.
  • Booth Assistant. In order to generate awareness in the Asian communities, AFSSA attends numerous events throughout the year including resource fairs and cultural festivals. Volunteers attending to the booth ensure that information on the dynamics of domestic violence in the Asian communities and services offered by AFSSA are publicized. You are required to attend our general orientation and a General Community Education training.


  • Graphic Designer. This position is ideal for those who have experience with creating brochures, posters, layouts for newsletters, and are creative thinkers. Having knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator is a plus.
  • Web Developer. This position is ideal for those interested in and have experience with web design, development, and maintenance. You will ensure material is updated and edited on AFSSA's website. This is a great chance to get experienced with Drupal CMS, one of the leading web development tools.
  • Writer/Editor. AFSSA has two main publications: the E News and the printed newsletter. Writers and editors contribute thoughts and ideas and work closely with the Community Educator.
  • Public Relations/Media Coordinator. Raising community awareness is essential in creating social change. AFSSA has established relationships with local media outlets and would like to foster and continue this growth. This position is ideal for those that have experience in this field and are creative thinkers.


  • Fundraising Planning Committee. Fundraising projects include annual campaigns, events, and community collaborations. Experience with project planning, fund development, and event planning is a plus. As a member of this committee you will be required to attend committee meetings, which occur twice a month typically.


  • Research Volunteer. Research Volunteers assist with projects relating to domestic violence and other topics that are closely aligned with domestic violence issues.
  • Clerical/Database Volunteer. Clerical Volunteers assist with various administrative projects such as copying, mailing, filing, and updating databases. We currently use Access and E-Tapestry databases.


Day-of Event Volunteers assist with various events throughout the year and will help the day of the event with set up and assisting us as needed, and then also before and after the event as needed.

Please contact the volunteer coordinator, at (512) 358-6318  or at volunteer@afssaustin.org for more information.